Our Team

Alyssa Reid 


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Alyssa Reid is an eleventh grader attending classes at Lone Star College. She loves reading and aspires to be an editor one day. In her spare time, she enjoys acting classes, art lessons, and, of course, writing.


Sofia Bajwa

Vice President

Sofia Bajwa is a junior in high school, and she is the vice president of the youth club. Besides reading and writing, Sofia claims to be a DIY guru, chocolate enthusiast, and professional Netflix binge-watcher! She also is one of the assistant editors on her school’s literary magazine. She is a photographer and filmmaker as well. Sofia is looking forward to seeing what the youth club will be up   to this year!


Katie Giveon


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Katie Giveon is a tenth grader at Duchesne Academy. She likes to read, and her favorite genre is realistic fiction. She writes poetry and is a student correspondent for Buzz Magazines. She also volunteers with the National Charity League and has a rescue dog named Sam.



Kurt Kauffman



Kurt Kauffman is a junior at Kempner High School in Sugar Land, Texas. His hobbies include jazz band, swimming, reading, andcompetitive gaming. He’s been published with IWrite 7 times, been Star Author twice, and Editor’s Choice once. His favorite book series is Fullmetal Alchemist and his favorite novel is The Hobbit. As a founding member of the IWrite Youth Club, he’s served as both oncoming and current VP in the past. His favorite foods include pineapple pizza and cheeseburgers.



Eshaan Mani



Eshaan Mani is a 7th grader at The Kinkaid School and a 2-time published iWrite author and poet.  He enjoys Debate class and is fascinated by the variety of topics that one can debate. In his spare time, he enjoys acting in plays, swimming, of course, writing, and playing tennis.  He also hopes that his term as historian for the Youth Club is one filled with great experiences promoting the love of reading and writing.


Annie Jones

Junior Officer


Annie Jones, 13, is the nerd that memorizes the study guide for the next quiz three weeks in advance. The oldest of five children, she spends most of her time reading or typing away at her laptop in her room. She absolutely loves to read, write, eat chocolate, play Dungeons and Dragons, and code random angles and measurements into software called Turtle to make crazy looking drawings. Her favorite book is the original Frankenstein, and if you’ve read it, you’re her best friend.