Tribute to Kobe- Lakers beat Heat to win 2020 NBA Finals

By Aarushi Saxena

2020 has just been a devastating year. Starting with the loss of Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant followed by this global pandemic. What a crazy year, but this year just can’t get any better. With my brightest spot being the Los Angeles Lakers taking it home for Kobe. 

Lakers 2019-2020 overview of season 

The Lakers were first in the west this season, Lakers have been through the roller coaster ride of ups and downs the entire season but in the end they brought it home with LeBron James and Anthony Davis leading the way along with the new Head Coach Frank Vogel. I can see them staying with Lakers for years to come especially after bringing home a championship, and this is LeBron James 4th ring. Kobe was the last one to win it for the Lakers. What A tribute to Kobe bringing home the chip a decade later.  

Miami Heat 2020 

The Miami Heat: 6th in the east. It has been 7 years since the Miami Heat last showed up in the Finals. Heat legend Dwayne Wade retired last season brought home 3 chips for the Heat. This year the Heat was made up of many young stars. Their Head Coach Eric Spolestra has led them now for 12 years. He has been a big help to this team. He has won championships with the Heat before. Now making another appearance. The Miami Heat had a spectacular season, but not enough to take the chip home. I can see Spolestra staying for a while longer, and the Miami Heat dominating in the east. 

Kobe Bryant Backdrop 

The Lakers legend Kobe Bryant passed away in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020. Along with Kobe Bryant the world lost Gianna Bryant (Kobe’s daughter) and 7 other people in this crash. Kobe played 20 seasons with the Lakers bringing home 5 championships, 7 trips to the finals, 2 NBA finals MVP, 18-time all-star, 2008 MVP, 15 times on all NBA team, and 12 time member of all defensive team.  Yes, he is a legend!  Kobe will always be remembered and will always be the Lakers Legend we love and know. 

Congrats to the Lakers for this chip, Rest in Peace Kobe! 

Sun and Moon

By Madison Burba

Blazing in the sky

In a fiery orange haze

Lighting up the world

With its serene gaze

Man toils beneath it 

Attempting to avoid its harsh rays

Rising when it asks

Sleeping when it says you may 

The sun is our harsh master

That we all must obey

For without it we would be lost

In a world without the day.


Glowing in the sky,

In a sea of winking starlight,

Rising over the world.

The moons unending journey,

Across the starry sky,

Brings rest to all who gaze on it,

A break from the blazing sun. 

The moon passes through the night,

Never staying long.

For soon its soft silver light,

Gives way to the sun’s radiant beams.    

The moon looks after us from above,

Never once ceasing its fight. 

Knowing that no one can survive, 

In a world that’s only day.

Book Bugs By Kate Jeong


Book Bugs is a free YouTube platform for young children to grow in their passion and love for literature. As the founder and creator, I am able to virtually read story books aloud to kids, teach phonics, and much more.

It all started when I moved to the United States from Seoul, South Korea, in the second grade. I had been fortunate enough to where I’d already learned the language and could speak English without too much trouble, but it still had its bumps and cracks. I stumbled over words occasionally, and was corrected on silly, simple words by my amused peers. There was no ill intention, but it never felt great. I spent hours with my mom at the local library almost every week, pouring over books and collecting words. From there, I attempted to spring them together- and discovered my passion for writing. I loved that I could share my thoughts and create an imaginative world to run and roam freely.

Fast forward years forward- and now, this fall, I am to enter a high school that allows me to concentrate in studies on creative writing. Little me would never have believed myself to be able to pursue my passion at such a large scale- especially when I once had struggled to pronounce “Chipotle.”

With Book Bugs, I am able to share my knowledge and my love on spreading literacy education for kids worldwide. I believe everyone should have a chance to be able to have stories read out loud to them and letters taught- especially at a young age- and that everyone has the potential to fully learn a new language. 
You can learn more and join the Book Bugs community here at Youtube.

Book Bugs by Kate-Yeonjae Jeong, 2020

New York, New York

By Austin Lopez

New York, New York the city all about the rush rumble

New York, New York the city with all the gleam glimmer

New York, New York the city without hush or humble

New York, New York the city on the seam to simmer

The doorstep of the United States

New York, New York the city of lights and lobby

New York, New York the city for chaos and cameras

New York, New York the city that fights and folly

New York, New York the city seance and the tram rush

The city truly not on a hill but on a podium for all to see

New York, New York the city of dreams and the dammed

New York, New York the city of art and arc

New York, New York the city that seams crammed

New York, New York the city, the mart mark of the U.S

The melting pot with a thousand ingredients

New York, New York


By Austin Lopez

Regret is met

With shame of its name

Cries and lies

Art of the heart

Mental walls sentimental falls

Tears and fears come to pass

A mistake to partake

Unrest is constant pest

To rue repent, to sue lament

Alone, a crone of our own making

Regret is set