Book Bugs By Kate Jeong


Book Bugs is a free YouTube platform for young children to grow in their passion and love for literature. As the founder and creator, I am able to virtually read story books aloud to kids, teach phonics, and much more.

It all started when I moved to the United States from Seoul, South Korea, in the second grade. I had been fortunate enough to where I’d already learned the language and could speak English without too much trouble, but it still had its bumps and cracks. I stumbled over words occasionally, and was corrected on silly, simple words by my amused peers. There was no ill intention, but it never felt great. I spent hours with my mom at the local library almost every week, pouring over books and collecting words. From there, I attempted to spring them together- and discovered my passion for writing. I loved that I could share my thoughts and create an imaginative world to run and roam freely.

Fast forward years forward- and now, this fall, I am to enter a high school that allows me to concentrate in studies on creative writing. Little me would never have believed myself to be able to pursue my passion at such a large scale- especially when I once had struggled to pronounce “Chipotle.”

With Book Bugs, I am able to share my knowledge and my love on spreading literacy education for kids worldwide. I believe everyone should have a chance to be able to have stories read out loud to them and letters taught- especially at a young age- and that everyone has the potential to fully learn a new language. 
You can learn more and join the Book Bugs community here at Youtube.

Book Bugs by Kate-Yeonjae Jeong, 2020

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